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Are You Talking with Your Teen about Sex?

Teens and SexC

Are you talking with your teen about sex? You know it’s important, but where do you start? You know your teen is talking about sex with their friends and if they are fortunate to have a grownup they can talk to about sex; they are talking with them, too.  In fact, you may be the only person your teen is ...

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Beneath the Surface

Ray-Mom-John 1

Beneath the surface of the Erickson family lurked other secrets, secrets much darker and painful than I ever imagined. Then one Monday morning in 1988. I was preparing to go to my new job. It was my first day as Treatment Coordinator for a juvenile sex offender treatment program. That morning, the darkest secret imaginable surfaced. My mother called. Anxious and frantic told me ...

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The Power of I AM

Adam and God

Today, I am writing about the power of I AM. These are the two most powerful words that you can think or speak. In the Bible, these words are presented to Moses as the name of God. And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I ...

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Hassle Free Homework in 5 Easy Steps

Happy Homework

Homework has been a front-line battleground in families since I was in elementary school. And this was when we needed to rub two sticks together to get the horse and buggy started. Homework was no fun then and it is no fun now. Today’s students have 2-4 hours of homework every night!!! This is not an exaggeration. If they were adults ...

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Welcome to Imagination Beyond Limits


Welcomes  to Ray Erickson and Imagination Beyond Limits Home Page. Hello, my name is Ray Erickson and this is where I will be sharing my musings on life, love, family, teens, God and who know what else that creeps into my mind. I hope to enlighten, motivate, entertain and engage you directly in lively and animated discussions about family, friendship, loving, sharing, ...

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“But we love each other.” Teenagers in Love – It’s the Real Thing!

Teen Couple Sexy

“Mom, we’re teenagers in love! Why can’t we be together?” What do you say when your teen proclaims their heartfelt love for another? Most parents and adults dismiss adolescent love as trivial, transient and not worth taking seriously. This attitude about the love your son or daughter feels is a serious mistake. These feelings are anything but trivial to your teen. Let’s look at what’s ...

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Individual and Family Consultation

2 Boys and MomF

Do you need to talk with someone about your life? Do you need another perspective in order to be clear on what you want to be and where you want to accomplish with your life? Is your family getting along with each other? Do you even see one another? Times are busy and everyone seems to be stressed out to the ...

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EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques


EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques is an emerging treatment for nearly every malody known to man. EFT has been used successfully for the past 20 year, helping millions of people gain freedom from physical, emotional and mental pain. EFT has been found helpful with anxiety and depression. It is also being studied by the VA as having potential to help ...

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Workshops and Trainings

CEU Training

Experience Ray up close and personal when you attend any of his workshops and trainings. Ray has been creating and presenting workshops for parents, teens, teachers as well as professionals who work with teenagers and their families. Watch for new opportunities to work with Ray directly.

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Ray’s Book

Ray’s book, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen: Strategies That Work! is a thoughtful look at the world of adolescents and how to work with them. Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen is written for you and your family. Yeah, maybe your teen doesn’t need to be tamed and maybe they are a pretty good kid most of the time. ...

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School Problems

School ProblemsS

The Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development estimates that about one quarter of the adolescent population is at risk of academic failure and other problem behaviors. Another quarter is considered “moderately” at risk (Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development, 1989). The most serious of the problems associated with school failure is the almost inevitable unemployment or underemployment that follows. At some point ...

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