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The Power of I AM

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The Power of I AM

I Am – The 2 Most Powerful Words You Can Say

This page is dedicated to the power of I AM. These are the two most powerful words that you can think or speak. In the Bible, these words are presented to Moses as the name of God. And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you. -Exodus 3:14.  When you say, “I AM”, you are saying the name of God. The warning to not speak God’s name in vane can now be seen in a new light.

You’ve heard the expression, “Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it.” This is something I’ve learned after many years as a psychotherapist working with teens who were anxious or depressed or had school and family problems. I’ve noticed that people tend to get what they expect. If you expect your teen to fail, they tend to fail. If you expect them to succeed, they tend to succeed, so expect the best.

Expect The Best

I encourage parents to “expect” the best from their teen and their teen will, in their own way, become the best they can be. Your expectations translate into little “I AM’s” in the mind of your teen. When you expect your teen to succeed, you tend to see the things they are doing that leads to success. When you expect your teen to fail, you tend to see the things they do that lead to failure, a self-fulfilling prophesy of expectations.

Your teen derives a lot of their initial identity through you. Your expectations can turn into “I am creative, resourceful and determined.” Or “I am stupid, dumb and useless.” You can’t do much about what your kid puts into their heads, but you can do something about what you into their heads. I say expect your teen to do the best they can. Isn’t that enough?

Your Self-Concept Becomes Your World

I am not kidding when I say “I AM” are the two most powerful words you can think or say. Your teen’s success or failure is tied directly into what they believe is true about themselves and the world. Their self-concept is what their world becomes. The key to success for you, me and your teen is to nurture your own self-concept. Everyone wants their kids to feel good about themselves and about who they are. Right? Who wouldn’t?

Today, I’m going to give you something that I have found to be very powerful. It is an excerpt from a compilation by David Allen called, ¨The Power of I Am”. I make a point of reading it to myself or saying it out loud on a regular basis. I feel great when I am finish the exercise. There may be some I AM’s that feel uncomfortable to think or say. It’s OK to skip any I AM that you are not comfortable with.

This recording is about 8 minutes long. This may seem long, but stick with it and you will feel the supercharging effects of I AM. Simply listening and thinking each I AM is powerful enough to enhance your concept of yourself several notches. But when you recite each one out loud you triple their power. When you feel the I AM; I mean really feel it as being true for you then, your self-concept skyrockets and your world immediately begins to appear different.

Feel free to download this file or add it to your mobile device so you can listen practice it several times a day. The more you do this exercise, the more you feel the validity of each I AM and the more you will see it in your world.

If you are at home, I invite you to sit back, close your eyes and feel each I AM as you repeat them after me.

I AM, I AM Love, I AM Wealth, I AM Health, I AM Spirit, I AM Power, I AM Abundance, I AM Plenty, I AM Divine Substance, I AM Strength, I AM Source Energy, I AM Genius, I AM Beauty, I AM Life, I AM Color, I AM Thankful, I AM Divine Mind, I AM Energy, I AM God, I AM Happy, I AM Fun, I AM Law, I AM Acceptance, I AM Young, I AM Strong, I AM Wise, I AM Wonderful, I AM Positive, I AM Determined, I AM Motivated, I AM Persistent, I AM Upbeat, I AM Confident, I AM Thoughtful, I AM Tolerant, I AM Integrity, I AM Confidence, I AM Divine Energy, I AM Success, I AM Intelligence, I AM The Truth, I AM Good, I AM Mind, I AM Joy, I AM One With God, I AM Perfect, I AM Peace, I AM Whole, I AM Intuition, I AM Grateful, I AM Secure, I AM Free, I AM Consciousness, I AM Awareness, I AM Insight, I AM Revelation, I AM Illumination, I AM Enlightenment, I AM Heaven, I AM Unlimited, I AM Harmony, I AM Prosperous, I AM  Magnetic, I AM Gifted, I AM Responsible, I AM Vitality, I AM Radiant Substance, I AM Divinity, I AM Light, I AM The Way, I AM Everything, I AM Alive, I AM Calm, I AM Relaxed, I AM Divinely Guided, I AM Pure, I AM Noble, I AM Awake, I AM Allowing, I AM Creative, I AM Blessed, I AM Worthy, I AM Blissful, I AM Beautiful, I AM Grace, I AM Focused, I AM Kindness, I AM Imagination, I AM Inspired, I AM Fit, I AM Vibration, I AM The Universe, I AM Master of My Destiny, I AM what I Desire to Be, I AM That I AM.

Please let me know what you think of this exercise. Share it with your friends and family. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

With love and affection,


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