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Imagination Beyond Limits

Imagination beyond limits is my calling, my mantra and my message to you.

Deep Space-Color1Everyone has an imagination, but most pay no attention to it. Imagination is everything. It´s the biggest thing in the Universe. In fact, it´s bigger than the Universe.

Is there anything you cannot put into your imagination? You may say, ¨I can´t imagine this.¨ or ¨I don´t want to imagine that.¨ but you can and you would if you wanted to.

There´s nothing bigger than your own marvelous human imagination and only you can limit it.

Nothing exists without imagination.

Thomas Edison´s light bulb and Henry Ford´s automobile both began in their imaginations. What have you imagined into your life? Your spouse? Your job? Your home? Your children? Those new shoes? That new car? These things don´t just pop up out of nowhere.

Everything begins in your imagination.

People tell me, ¨I don´t have an imagination.¨ but that´s just plain stupid. Everyone has an imagination.

I challenge you to look into your imagination and see what´s going on in there. When you pay attention to your imagination you notice habitual thought patterns.

These thought patterns create your belief system and your beliefs are responsible for your experiences. If you want your life to change, then change your thoughts, change your beliefs.

Beliefs are thoughts you have convinced yourself to be true.

Thoughts are just thoughts. No thoughts are true unless you make them true. And, the moment they become true, they become beliefs.

These self-proclaimed truths then manifest themselves into your life. When you pay no attention to your imagination, you are out of control. You are a rudderless ship at the mercy of the sea.

To change your life, you must pay attention to your thoughts.

Your imagination is more powerful than you currently believe. And your imagination is just as powerful with negative thoughts as it is with positive thoughts.

Each thought and it´s corresponding feelings bring into your life its equivalent experience. Therefore, moving your imagination beyond limits is a conscious process and you need to manage it. You do this by focusing only on lovely, pleasant and life affirming thoughts about yourself, others and the world.

Let all thoughts simply pass by your stream of consciousness. When you use your imagination as a positive force in your life, your life changes and the lives of other´s change, for the better.

Don´t take my word for it.

Watching ThoughtsTest it yourself. Take a week, a day, an hour or even a minute and pay attention to your thoughts. Are they dark, anxious or depressing?

What are your first thoughts as you awake? Are your thoughts generally positive and life affirming or negative and life condemning?

You get to choose.

When you watch your thoughts, you see a connection between thoughts and feelings. When you have powerful thoughts, you have powerful feelings. These feelings fuel the Universe which automatically brings into your life everything you belief to be true.

Down to the tiniest detail, positive AND negative.

If your morning thoughts are like; ¨Oh crap, another day in hell¨ (a crappy feeling), then change this thought to; ¨Thank you so much for a new day¨ (a grateful feeling). This may sound stupid, but it´s the most powerful step you can take.

If you want to move your imagination beyond limits that you set, then you must change your thoughts and your feelings.

Take control of your imagination right now.

Here´s a simple exercise.

  1. Choose any time of day and any interval of time and observe your imagination. Watch yourself think. Don´t judge your thoughts, just notice them.
  2. What are the qualities of the thoughts passing through your mind? Make note of a few negative thoughts and what feelings get triggered?
  3. Re-write these thoughts into something more positive.
  4. Practice these new thoughts. What feelings get triggered?
  5. Eliminate all doubt about your new thoughts. How do you feel now?
  6. Do this exercise once or twice daily for 30 days. (It takes this long to change a belief.)
  7. Let me know what happens. (contact form)

Adam and GodRepeat these new thoughts daily while feeling they are true, right now and with no doubt. Over time a new belief is created and representative experiences occur.

If you are serious about changing your life, then consciously and completely believe your new thoughts. Doubts undermine you.

When you have no doubts, you are powerful, you are God-like and you force the Universe to do its thing and bring into your experience tangible evidence of your new beliefs.

With love and affection,


About Ray

I was raised in a small town in Michigan. I was the middle child of 3 boys in a moderately dysfunctional family. I was fortunate to fall into the Hero role hat afforded me the very best that my family could provide. As a hero child, I was the first to go to college. College opened my eyes and my mind. College also turned out to be the bane of my family. To make along story short, at 38 years old and a new social worker, I learned of the dark secrets my family held. The more I reached out to help the family, the more the pushed me away until, I could not longer have contact with any family members. It's been nearly 30 years now. It's just better that way. As a result, I've focused my career on helping families, especially families with teenagers. I've always worked with teens, since I was 19 years-old I've worked with teens as a teacher, counselor, social worker and psychotherapist. I am still passionate about working with teens and their families, but am focused on working with large groups with multiple families in attendance. Part of my desire to accomplish on this website is to create a place for discussion of families, adolescents, their ever present angst. I want to share with parents of teens some of what the wisdom I've gained from 30 years of working with teenagers and their families. Please visit for awhile. Read some articles, make some comments or share a post with your friends or colleagues. I'm at your service.

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