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The Power of I AM

This page is dedicated to writings about the power of I AM. These are the two most powerful words that you can think or speak. In the Bible, these words are presented to Moses as the name of God. And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you. -Exodus 3:14.  When you say, “I AM”, you are speaking the name of God. This brings the warning to not speak God’s name in vane into a new light.

You’ve heard the expression, “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.” I’m sure this has crossed your mind once or twice in your life. I’ve learned this after many years as a psychotherapist working with teens who were anxious or depressed or had school and family problems. I learned that we tend to get what we expect. If you expect your teen to fail, they tend to fail. If you expect them to succeed, they tend to succeed.

I tell parents over and over to “expect the best”  from their teen and their teen will, in their own way, become the best they can. Your expectations translate into little “I AM’s” in the mind of your teen. When you expect you teen to succeed, you tend to see the things they are doing that leads to success. When you expect your teen to fail, you tend to see the things they are doing that lead to failure, a self-fulfilling prophesy of expectations.

Your teen derives a lot of their early identity through you. Your expectations and responses turn into “I am creative, resourceful and determined.” Or “I am stupid, dumb and useless.” You can’t do much about what your kid puts into their heads, but you can do something about what you expect of your teen. I say expect the best they can do. Expect their best effort. Isn’t that enough?

“I AM” are the two most powerful words you can think or say, I am not kidding. Your teen’s success is tied directly to their concept of themselves AND their self-concept is precisely what they are producing. Low production means low self-concept. Everyone wants their kids to have high self-esteem. Right? Who wouldn’t?

Today, I’m going to give you something that is very powerful. It is an excerpt from a compilation by David Allen called, The Power of I Am”. I make a point of reading it to myself or saying it out loud every day and every day I feel great every time I complete the exercise. This exercise takes some time and some of the I AM’s may feel uncomfortable for you to repeat. It’s OK, simply skip any I AM that you are not comfortable with. Be patient.

This recording is about 8 minutes long, but if you use of this exercise regularly, you will supercharge the effects of I AM. Simply listening and thinking each I AM is powerful enough to enhance your concept of yourself several times over. Recite each I AM out loud and you triple their power.  Here’s the super secret; Feel the I AM; I mean really feel it as true for you. Do this and your self-concept skyrockets and your world immediately begins to transform.

You can download this file and add it to your mobile device so you can practice it several times a day. The more you do this exercise, the more you feel the validity of each I AM and the more you see it being reflected in your world.

If you are at home, I invite you to sit back, close your eyes and feel each I AM as you repeat them, out-loud, after me.

Please share below what your experience is with this exercise. Share it with your friends and family. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

With love and affection,


About Ray

I was raised in a small town in Michigan. I was the middle child of 3 boys in a moderately dysfunctional family. I was fortunate to fall into the Hero role hat afforded me the very best that my family could provide. As a hero child, I was the first to go to college. College opened my eyes and my mind. College also turned out to be the bane of my family. To make along story short, at 38 years old and a new social worker, I learned of the dark secrets my family held. The more I reached out to help the family, the more the pushed me away until, I could not longer have contact with any family members. It's been nearly 30 years now. It's just better that way. As a result, I've focused my career on helping families, especially families with teenagers. I've always worked with teens, since I was 19 years-old I've worked with teens as a teacher, counselor, social worker and psychotherapist. I am still passionate about working with teens and their families, but am focused on working with large groups with multiple families in attendance. Part of my desire to accomplish on this website is to create a place for discussion of families, adolescents, their ever present angst. I want to share with parents of teens some of what the wisdom I've gained from 30 years of working with teenagers and their families. Please visit for awhile. Read some articles, make some comments or share a post with your friends or colleagues. I'm at your service.

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