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Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen: Strategies That Work!

Your teen may be older, bigger and hungrier, but they are still your baby.

When I wrote this book, I had you in mind. I’m writing to parents who are stressed out from all of the demands of life and become overwhelmed when you add teenagers to the list. I’m writing to parents who want to do more for their kids, but don’t know what to do. Giving them more things is not the answer.

Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen help you to unravel the mysteries of adolescence.

Even though you have gone through this chaotic stage, many parents would prefer to let that part of their lives remain in the past. Unfortunately, your teenager and your former self as a teenager are now sparing partners.

The book can be purchased through my website by clicking on the PayPal link in the right sidebar. You can also buy this book by going to Amazon. When you buy through my website, you also get the book personally signed with what you want me to say. By the book from Amazon and you get the book. It’s all good. Just get the book and find out for yourself.

 Here is what people are saying about the Ten Tips.

Ray Erickson is a genius at working with kids and his book, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen is a brilliant tome on how to help young people adjust through self-respect, self-reliance, self-discipline and love. From parents to kids alike, this book will teach you what to do and why you do it.Michael Pritchard - 'PBS Television Host & Motivation Speaker'
Ray’s new book, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen will nourish any parent. Teens are trouble, all too often, and whether you nibble or consume, there is much here to chew on. I strongly suggest you grab this book and use it like a buffet, try out the offerings and see which one nurtures your own best style. You will be glad you did. Lynn D. Johnson, PhD - Author of Enjoy Life, Healing with Happiness, Salt Lake City, UT
I purchased this book for myself to gain some insight to better communicate with my grandchildren. So very insightful. After reading the book I discovered I could apply these tips and strategies to all ages and found it to be helpful in all of my relationships. It is very well organized, easy to read, understandable, practical, and very easy to relate to. I have found myself having ah-ha moments and going back to particular chapters to refresh my memory and practicing the strategies on my grandson, daughter and husband. Amazing how very simple and easy theses strategies’ are and they really work!!! I have since purchased a second copy for my daughter and son in law. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Debbie A. - Nurse Practitioner and Mother of 3 from Wilton, CA
Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen is a unique book of wisdom and strategies based on Mr. Erickson’s many years of experience working with teens. He understands what adolescents need, how they think and why they act the way they do. The Ten Tips helps parents to develop strong emotional bonds and raise responsible young adults. These bonds will protect their teenage children and lead to lifelong loving relationships. 'Diana B - Mother of 4 from Elmwood Park, NJ
I am critical of “experts” who have not been in the trenches. Ray Erickson was a child care worker before he became a therapist. Child care workers deserve Gold Medals of Courage and Caring. Erickson was definitely in the trenches. While promoting listening, which is an important tool once kids hit puberty; Erickson also promotes some Tough Love Tools. He won my heart with his Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen. He manages to combine both Soft Love and Tough Love with humor and with much more than ten tips and helpful strategies. I love his Hit and Run tip and will be quoting him on that one. Also his Shields Up, Scotty spoke to me as I need to defend my hurt heart a bit more often. All this to say his book gets five stars, and parents of teens who buy this book will get good advice.Katherine Gordy Levine - Author of When Good Kids Do Bad Things from Highlands Ranch, CO
Before you even open the book, you can tell you were on the right track when you bought it. Grounding, bribery, and yelling, are immediately off the table right up (literally) front. This book is excellent advice for parents with teenagers. “Teenagers learn to trust their judgment when their judgment is not judged,” and “be brain damaged,” because the less you use your brain the more your teen will have to use theirs,” and “Shields up Scotty,” Ray hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager–in fact clearly part of him still is. This guy knows teens and knows how to respect them in a way that brings out the best in them. That is obvious. His advice is memorable, too. That means you won’t have to be running to your bedside table where you left this book to remember what he told you to do. Ray’s vision is that these messages will be heard by everyone who works with kids so that we can do a better job of helping them. He says: “If we can make the world more loving, generous and kind through our next generation of young people, we will have done something great.” If you teach or have kids of your own, buy this book. Every home with teenagers should have a copy.Rick Ackerly - Author of 'The Genius in Every Child' from San Francisco, CA
I wish I’d had this book when my children were in this stage, although the techniques are sound advice for any age, so I am taking them to heart! The goal of this book–as the title suggests–is to find a way for parents to tame their teens, which it does, although not in the way you’d think. By parents using the techniques in this book, teens actually get the support they need to learn how to tame themselves. This book is really a user’s manual and decoder for teens and teen behavior. It teaches parents what’s really going so they don’t fall into typical reactive traps that just make things worse. It shows parents how to communicate effectively–less is more–and how to turn power struggles into not only a peaceful co-existence, but into a mutually respectful and fulfilling parent-child bond. What’s also great is that the tips and techniques have catchy names that are easy to remember and draw on in the heat of the moment. I love it!Paula Renee - Certified Professional Coach from Hot Springs, AR
In addition to its marvelous insights and facts about parenting teenagers, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen is fun to read. As a father and professional therapist who has worked with teenagers and their families for many years, I’ve been waiting for a parenting book written in plain English for a long, long time. It has finally arrived. Whether you are a professional helping parents and families, or a parent looking for sound guidance about how to respond effectively to the challenge of raising a teenager while staying sane, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen delivers the goods.Charlie Sussman, LCSW - Program Manager, Humbolt County Mental Health in Eureka, CA

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Listen to Chapter 1, “Brain Damaged” and see for yourself if what I have to give you meets your needs.

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