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Welcome to Imagination Beyond Limits

Welcomes  to Ray Erickson and Imagination Beyond Limits Home Page.

Hello, my name is Ray Erickson and this is where I will be sharing my musings on life, love, family, teens, God and who know what else that creeps into my mind. I hope to enlighten, motivate, entertain and engage you directly in lively and animated discussions about family, friendship, loving, sharing, giving and caring. This world has seen too much meanness. Too much hatred and too much fear. It’s my intention to be as bright a light that I can be and speak from my heart. I say what I mean and I mean what I say and I try to do this with loving kindness. My hopes are that my words, deeds and intentions are helpful to you.

I am the webmaster, web guru and web idiot in charge of everything on this site. If it’s a little bit clunky right now it’s because it is a work in progress and may always be a work in progress. After all, that’s what we all are. Please bear this in mind and be open to the spirit in which I share. Thanks

What Do I Mean by Imagination  Beyond Limits?

I first became interested in imagination a long time ago. I don’t remember what, where or when this all started and it doesn’t really matter. What is important is this very moment. Everyone has an imagination although some of your will deny this with statements like, “Oh, I’m not very imaginative.” or “I’m not creative.” Statements like these come from people who have not recognized all of the imagining that goes on in their minds as their imagination.

Imagination is alive. It is not an object that is static. Imagination is a living, breathing, learning and growing energy that when tapped into, transports you into the life you dream of. Imagination cannot be separated from your hopes and dreams. Your current circumstances cannot be separated from your imagination as well. In fact, where you are and who you are is a direct result from all that you’ve imagined yourself to be. You are on a journey that never ends and your imagination is the captain of the ship.

Your Journey and My Journey Are Not All That Different.

We are living in this world at this time because we chose to be here. We are not accidents of fate. We are purposeful beings who job is to express ourselves as completely as possible. Part of this expression is the compassionate care taking of ourselves, each other and the this fragile planet we live upon. Each of us is individually responsible for what we chose to imagine and what each of us imagines has a profound impact upon the conditions of life everywhere.

Imagination Beyond Limits means to break down the barriers in your own mind and expand your consciousness outward deliberately. Everyone is expression their consciousness all of the time, but most of the time our imaginations are like a herd of cats. Our imaginations wander over here and then over there, endlessly. In order to obtain a strong direction in your life, you must first gain control over your imagination. That’s right, you be the boss of what you think about. Stop letting circumstance dictate what you think about and imagine.

As you manage and direct your imagination towards more positive outcomes, the easier your life becomes. Stress is reduced and you begin to return to your natural state of being, one of health and well-being filled with love, compassion and gratitude. I can see some of you shaking your heads right now. That’s OK, if your curiosity brought you here, let it continue to help open your mind to new ways to look at life.

Everything in Your World Is the Mass Accumulation of Global Imaginings.

Imagination Beyond Limits means to appreciate the power that using your imagination represents. Imagine that you have the power to imagine anything you want. Now imagine that you have already what you want, or have received that honor. Now imagine what that feels like to have your wishes fulfilled. Does that feel good? Of course it does. Now hold that feeling and live your day as if what you’ve imagined is true. The beauty of using your imagination to turn your life around is that it doesn’t hurt, unless you imagine it hurting.

The world is a mess because humanity is a mess. It doesn’t look like we’ve come very far in terms of taking care of each other and this fragile planet. We are getting really good at creating new ways to kill each other. For some reason, people would rather put images of war, starvation, disaster, pain and sorrow into their minds than images of peace, love, joy, happiness and abundance. It  is just as easy to do and has far reaching effects in our lives and the lives of people we encounter. Fear less and love more.

Imagination Beyond Limits means to Change Your Mind and Change Your Life.

In order to change your mind, you must first know what is in your mind. Most people pay little attention to what is happening within own minds, but are obsessively focused on what is happening in the world around them. This is very easy to do. We have 5 sensory devices that keep our attention on the world around us. Our sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are there to tell us what our imaginations are creating. Most people believe that our senses give rise to our beliefs when it is actually the other way around. I will say more about this in another article.

Once you have done a thorough inventory of your imaginary habits, you can begin the process of changing your mind. The key is Self-Awareness. Your awareness of yourself. Paying attention to what crosses you mind needs to become a new habit. Imagine you are a scientist whose job is to uncover the mysteries of your mind. Step back and observe, without judging or shaming the thoughts and images that  cross your mind. Just watch and see where it goes. Watch your imagination when your are under duress, like when you are late to work or you’ve just had a disagreement with someone.

Relaxation breathing and meditation will help you to stay calm as you watch the more disturbing aspects of your mind. You know, like your patterns of negativity, your tendencies to see the world in black and white terms or your own stubborn resistance to change. Every thought you have, and you have between 30,000-80,000 per day, play a part in your day-to-day experiences. The good news is you don’t have to change every single thought, you just need to organize them in such a way that your inner imaginings are predominately composed of loving, compassionate and caring thoughts and images.

Self- awareness also means being conscious of what you are feeling at any given moment.

Are you anxious, calm, edgy or at peace? The feelings you feel are the equivalent of the fuel you put in your vehicle. Imagine that your imagination is like a car and the fuel it uses are the feelings you experience. Notice how many times a day that you experience a sudden shift in your emotions. What were the thoughts that triggered this emotional shift? Being conscious and present is a full-time job and most of us are conscious only a fragment of the day. As you increase the amount of time you spend living consciously, you begin to notice the changes I spoke of above. Be kind, patient and loving with yourself and your light too will shine brightly.

Thanks for visiting and reading this post. I invite you to comment and please feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media that you are into.

About Ray

I was raised in a small town in Michigan. I was the middle child of 3 boys in a moderately dysfunctional family. I was fortunate to fall into the Hero role hat afforded me the very best that my family could provide. As a hero child, I was the first to go to college. College opened my eyes and my mind. College also turned out to be the bane of my family. To make along story short, at 38 years old and a new social worker, I learned of the dark secrets my family held. The more I reached out to help the family, the more the pushed me away until, I could not longer have contact with any family members. It's been nearly 30 years now. It's just better that way. As a result, I've focused my career on helping families, especially families with teenagers. I've always worked with teens, since I was 19 years-old I've worked with teens as a teacher, counselor, social worker and psychotherapist. I am still passionate about working with teens and their families, but am focused on working with large groups with multiple families in attendance. Part of my desire to accomplish on this website is to create a place for discussion of families, adolescents, their ever present angst. I want to share with parents of teens some of what the wisdom I've gained from 30 years of working with teenagers and their families. Please visit for awhile. Read some articles, make some comments or share a post with your friends or colleagues. I'm at your service.

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